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The Unknown Language of the Heart - A Poem

The Unknown Language of the Heart – A Poem

My heart washeart-on-hand

unable to speak.

It would look

at other people

in love and

wonder what they

were saying to

each other without

speaking. What kind

of unknown language

passed between them?

I despaired of

ever finding someone

who loved me

deeply enough to

speak without speaking,

to touch my

heart with a

simple caress. That

changed when I

met you. The

love between us

grew slowly, starting

as a seed


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Dead Letters - A Short Story

Dead Letters – A Short Story

dead-letter-mailingEverything dies in the end. Even words. Poppy knew this better than anyone. She saw dead words every day. She was their mistress.

Even when she was sleeping, she would hear the words. Words that would never reach their intended, never be read. As she read the words, she mourned them. She tried to pace herself, one letter a day, one dead letter that got lost along the way.

Anything more than one…

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We Are All Part of the Same House - A Poem

We Are All Part of the Same House – A Poem

While I wasHouse-Slogans-hogwarts-house-rivalry-17817845-400-400

getting my coffee

this morning, I

noticed the barista

was wearing a

locket. Looking closer,

I read the

word “Slytherin” in

a flowing script.

Underneath, the serpent

that represented the

house was curled,

as if lying

in wait. I

pointed to it.

“Where did you get that?”

She looked at

me with shrewd

eyes as if

taking stock of

my worth. She

nodded, assessing me

as one who

was completely…

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Living Words - A Poem

Living Words – A Poem

I woke one1660258386_f8ed1a472e_b1

morning with words

etched into my

skin. I tried to

read them in

mirror, but the

writing was backwards.

My friends noticed

the words and

asked why I

had tattooed myself

with just a

fraction of a

sentence. I woke

the next morning

to find the

words had doubled

on my skin,

snaking down the

inside of my

arm. I went

to the doctors

and they asked

why I had

marked myself with

words. They didn’t

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People From My Past - A Poem

People From My Past – A Poem

We were walkingdownload

back from the

coffee shop, drinks

in hand, when

I saw him.

I gestured to

her and made

sure she had

seen. I pointed

to him, saying

That’s my ex-husband.

It was the

first time I had

seen him in

five years. Later,

I wondered at

his appearance.

He was but

the latest in

a long line

of people from

my past that

I had seen

recently. I had

come across people

I used to know,


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The Mind Garden - A Poem

The Mind Garden – A Poem

I came uponimages

a doorway. It

was tall and

narrow and was

made from old

wood painted red

that had faded

over time in

the sun. The

doorway was unremarkable

except for two

reasons: It stood

in the middle

of a parking

lot and from

the open door

there came the

sound of laughter.

A boy came

out and looked

at me. He wore

round glasses and

had a dark brown

mop of hair.

He smiled, the

smile filled with


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My Life Is Up To Me - A Poem

My Life Is Up To Me – A Poem

I was lostIMG-20140713-02150

inside of myself.

I had forgotten

what it was

to actually live.

I had given

up, had chosen

to hide in

the dark. It

wasn’t as painful

as the light.

I had given

up. I was

raised not to

be a quitter,

but I could

see no other

way, could not

see around the

dark mountain inside

of my head.

I lay down

that night to

sleep and prayed

for it to

be endless, to

not wake up.

I prayed so

hard that…

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Words Upon the Leaves - A Sonnet

Words Upon the Leaves – A Sonnet

I thought I’d try something different. Towhee singing_8075crop

I don’t normally write poems with any rhyming scheme or iambic pentameter. However, I thought I’d try my hand at writing a sonnet. I made a comment on Facebook the other night that I felt like writing love sonnets. Someone said I should try, so I did!

I hope you enjoy my first effort.


You helped me relearn a language unknown

something primal and…

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Disraeli Avenue by Caroline Smailes - A Review

Disraeli Avenue by Caroline Smailes – A Review

DABehind closed doors, there are many secrets.

We all have secrets. We hold on to them tightly, even if they burn our hands, knowing that they must never see the light of day.

Released into the light, these secrets could heal one life and shatter another. We will take our secrets to the grave, taking comfort in the fact that no one will hear them, that no one will know them. That no one will know…

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Searching for Amber by David Smith - A Review

Searching for Amber by David Smith – A Review

21841630Jade does not see the world like everyone else.

A photographer by trade, she sees it more clearly through the lens of her camera. She is tough but takes photographs that show people as they really are, stripping the walls down and laying what she sees bare.

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her adoptive parents, Jade has always felt that a piece of her was missing. Only truly happy when she…

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