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What Forever Would Bring - A Poem

What Forever Would Bring – A Poem

When I leftflat,550x550,075,f.u2

the dark forest,

I walked along

a path. I

didn’t know where

it was going,

had no idea

where I would

end up. Above

me, the clouds

changed shape. I

saw eagles, falcons

and other birds,

as if the

very clouds were

telling me to

fly. I made

my way through

the storm fields,

forcing myself to

walk through the

tall grass that

was whipped too

and fro with

such wicked ferocity.

A field of


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Joy Given Shape - A Poem

When I lookbigstock-Blue-light-and-young-woman-in-14011838-379x269

at you, all

I see is

light. Every movement

you make leaves

tracers in the

air, so bright

and beautiful is

the light that

pulsates from you.

When you speak,

It is as

If you’re singing

to a part

of me that

has remained in

the dark and

was waiting to

bask in your

light. You are

joy given shape,

brilliance given focus,

beauty given form

and I am

grateful to know


* For Alexandra,…

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The Deathly Hallows - The Story Behind My New Tattoo

The Deathly Hallows – The Story Behind My New Tattoo

10615398_10154547043880702_3879265998142683530_nWhy a tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol?

Well, people would assume it’s because I’m a fanboy. They would be right. I’ve loved the Harry Potter series since the first book came out in paperback (I was a little late to the bandwagon).

I’ve read them countless times; well, I stopped counting when I read the seven books in the series when I read them for the fortieth time. I’ve read the books many…

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The Lights of Shangri-La - A Review

The Lights of Shangri-La – A Review


Sooner or later, the touchstones of childhood call us back home…

I had the immense pleasure of seeing the opening night of The Lights of Shangri-La last night. It was glorious in every sense of the word.

It’s the new play being put on by Toto Too Theatre. The Lights of Shangri-La  is by David Whiteman. It features performances by Sean Toohey as Crockett Sumner, Cathy Nobleman as Pen Sumner…

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The Huff Stuff!

n-JAMIESON-WOLF-VILLENEUVE-large570Hey Everyone!

How cool is this? An article I wrote on weight loss and it’s been published in The Huffington Post!

I don’t like writing about myself, but it’s a challenge that I engage in regularly. Readers of my blog dealing with having Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis will know this. You can read Two Steps at a Time here: http://www.two-steps.org

This is the first time I’ve written about my…

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Sometimes, All You Can Do Is Laugh

Sometimes, All You Can Do Is Laugh

Two steps at a Time coverI have three medical appointments this month. I’ve managed to get through two of them.

The first was my bi-annual visit with my neurologist. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing him after the last emotional roller coaster. However, it turned out to go really well. I was able to push forward and pull backward with strength.

Miracle of miracles, I was actually able to walk three steps heel to…

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Candlelight and Three Simple Words - A Poem

Candlelight and Three Simple Words – A Poem

You have litIMG-20140907-02644

a candle inside

of me. With

every touch, each

caress, each brush

of your lips

against mine,

the flame grows.

I had thought

the flame to

be extinguished, only

a mere finger

of smoke that

moved and undulated

inside me. Now,

the tiny tongue

of flame is

a light all

its own inside

of me. Every

time you tell

me those three

simple words with

a precious magic

all their own,

(I love you)


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Poker Symptoms - A Poem

Poker Symptoms – A Poem

The room wasTarockkarten_in_der_Hand_eines_Spielers

filled with smoke

when I came

  1. They all

looked up at

me: Frank Fatigue,

Bob Balance, Steven

Speech. Travis Tremors,

Brian Brain Fog.

Sergio Spasm was

there too as

well as two

other shadowy shapes.

I looked at

all of them

and wished all

of them away.

Seven could see

the look of

distaste I wore.

“Come on, don’t be that way. Take a seat. We’re playing poker.”

I grumbled something


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Skin Chrysalis - A Poem

Skin Chrysalis – A Poem

It was theWings-Tattoo-Designs-Pictures-2

same every year.

The day after

my birthday, a

thin crust would

begin to form

on my skin.

Throughout the year,

it would grow

tougher, as if

made from stone

or marble. It

would grow thicker,

It would become

more difficult to

move as the

year passed on,

harder to move

my body as

I wanted to.

The evening before

my birthday, the

crust would begin

to crack and

break, flaking off

and falling…

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