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Beautiful Leaves - A Poem

Beautiful Leaves – A Poem

The first time I saw you,Leaves-Images

I heard the rustle of leaves.

Looking down at your feet,

I expected to see them there,

covering the floor,

but it was bare.

The first time you took my hand,

I heard the whisper of leaves

and a breeze rose up

around us. It was filled

not with leaves, but

with fractures of light

filling the air like dreams

given physical form.

The first time we kissed,

I once again heard


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You Can Dance If You Want To

You Can Dance If You Want To

Two steps at a Time cover On Friday, I went out for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. In a way, it was as my life is now divided into BMS (Before MS) and AMS (After MS).

A group of us was going out after work and I actually wanted to go. We went to Le Petit Chicago, a Latin dance bar. We got there early and I even treated myself to a fancy Cosmo. I had no intentions of dancing however.

The Multiple Sclerosis…

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The Resulting Release

Two steps at a Time coverI had my MRI results appointment the other week. I’ve tried to think of how to write this post but have decided to simply write it as it happened. It’ll be easier that way.

When we went in to the doctors office and sat down, he pulled up my new MRI. What I noticed first was that my lesions had shrunk and they were no longer bright. In my previous MRI, they were like bright white planets in a sea…

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Keep Walking and Be Fabulous - A Poem

Keep Walking and Be Fabulous – A Poem

I could heardownload

them as they

walked up the

sidewalk. One man

was wearing a

bright red shirt

that said “My

other car is

a Delorean” and

the other wore

a backwards baseball

cap with the

words “Yo Bitches”

stitched in black.

You SO cannot tell who’s gay. What do you know about gay people?

The one in

the hat said,

his voice full

of derision and

mockery. His friend

in the Delorean

t-shirt punched him


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Sirens, Smoke and Scarves - A Poem

Sirens, Smoke and Scarves – A Poem

I was walkingAF10_r2059_01

along the sidewalk.

There was a

sound of sirens

in the air

and the third

fire truck I

had seen z       o          o          m         e          d

by me. A

woman I didn’t

know stopped in

front of me.

What do you think is going on?

I had no idea.

That’s the sixth one I’ve seen. I saw three more earlier.

There must be something terrible happening.

We watched as

even more of


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Magic and Mannequins - A Poem

Magic and Mannequins – A Poem

I passed by the store windowfashion-mannequins-22207043

and for a moment thought

the mannequin’s were real people.

I wondered why they were

stuck behind the glass.

Then it occurred to me

what they were, that

they weren’t real,

no matter how lifelike

they looked. I was about to

keep walking when one of

the mannequin’s winked at me.

I stared, thinking I had

imagined it. She was pretty,

with a short blond bob,

her eyes…

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The Breath of Magic - A Poem

The Breath of Magic – A Poem

I stood in line behind a mandownload

that smelled of cigarettes.

He was swaying from

left to right.

a bouquet of scope and vodka

floating around him

like a cloud. The clerk behind

the counter smiled at him.

How are you today, sir?

The man looked shocked

to be addressed as sir.

I just want to buy this. Cat food. It’s for my cat.

The clerk looked at the  man

that smelled like booze and

nodded, still giving…

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Sonograms, MRI’s and Results Oh My!

Sonograms, MRI’s and Results Oh My!

Two steps at a Time coverI’ve had a slew of medical appointments as of late.

I had my follow up MRI on March 23rd. Even though I knew what was coming, what to expect, it was still frightening. Even though I was prepared, I was still afraid.

I was able to pretend that all the noise was music by Daft Punk, that I was in the movie Tron; but I knew this wasn’t really the case. I knew where I was the whole time. They put the…

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Letting Go

Two steps at a Time coverI’ve come to realise that I’ve been living in fear.

When the MS hit in January of 2013, it took everything from me: my mobility, my independence,  my freedom. I was a prisoner inside of my own body. I fought to get better, to regain control over my body.

It took me longer to find myself again; but the thing was, when I found myself, he wasn’t someone I recognized completely. It was still me, but…

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